Tips for the Mac-10

22 Jan Tips for the Mac-10

Simple Guide/Tips for the Mac-10

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Is mac 10 the ideal eco round smg?

To begin with the mac 10 is the cheapest smg on the game, with the low price of 1050$ it is definitely a cheap and effective weapon to easily overpower pistols in short quarters with its high mobility and high rate of fire enables you to even counter more expensive opponent weapons in close range situations if you play the movement and strafing game right.



csgo tips mac 10 guide

In general the Mac 10 is designed for close combat, it does not have high damage you so in long range the damage gets even lower, its really not a weapon to have in a long range firefight, the weapons spread is too wide to make any precise hits even with short bursts or taps, so avoid any long range engagements, if an enemy has a more expensive rifle or even pistol you are definitely an easy target to pick, try always to switch to a better weapon on long range.