The Autosniper


04 Jan The Autosniper

Simple Autosniper tips


Despite being very deadly and easy to use the autosniper is not that popular compared to the awp and there are several reasons for this. Firstly we see more autosnipers on low level ranks and the reason for this is the auto is very easy to use, the fact that has low recoil and high damage and it needs two body shots to take down an enemy, so u can pretty much spray and still be accurate.






The auto sniper is great for wall banging to due its high damage and surface penetration so if a target is behind a door, box or any thin surface he will die in a few shots if hit.



The reason for the autosniper is not that often used on high level competitive ranks is because the awp is a more precise and deadly if used right, the bad side of the auto is its cost (5000$) and its low mobility, another reason is your team buys and auto and the enemy team kills the auto and takes, everyone can use it, cause its a low skill weapon, unlike the awp that requires more experience in general so no beginner can be be automatically good with it.