PP-Bizon tips

19 Jan PP-Bizon tips

Is PP-bizon a good smg choice?

pp-bizon tips


Understanding the PP-Bizon

The pp bizon is definetely one of the best weapons if you are low on cash, with its price of 1400$ and magazine of 64 bullets its the perfect smg if the other team is doing an eco or you are trying to save some cash, the reason why this smg is so good for countering snipers and pistols on short quarters and always make sure you flash or smoke when you enter in, you always want to catch them by surprise, it has a high rate of fire combined with high mobility and its big magazine will easily overpower pistol users.



pp-bizon tips


The negative side of the Bizon is it has low damage per bullet, so fighting armored targets can be difficult, in general the Bizon is bad at long range for various reasons, it has high spread and hitting target very far is hard and even if you manage to hit you will deal very low damage due to the weapons damage fall on long range.



Try to pick fights on close quarters and if you find your self on a long range situation switch to a better weapon or just simply retreat.