Deagle Tips

29 Dec Deagle Tips

Playing the Desert Eagle (DEAGLE)

The Desert Eagle also known as Deagle is a very powerful weapon in the hands of an experienced player mostly because of it is a one shot to the head in all ranges regardless if the enemy has armor or not.




Is the deagle any good in long range?

Using the deagle in long range fire fights can be tricky due to its high recoil so its recommended that after each shot you wait a second before it recharges again, also the deagle has high mobility so you should always use the speed of it to become a non stationary target so you are harder to track and hit, this is best learned on deathmatch games, also crouching improves deagles recoil handling and accuracy in general , so you can spray more easily.





What kind of a round is the Deagle most valuable?


The Desert Eagle is very useful in eco rounds for the obvious reason….headshots, choose corners where you can fight mid-long range the reason for this is you can easily get overpowered by an SMG or a rifle in short range thats why medium to long range corners are effective so you can take cover after each shot and of course you want to aim for the head to disable him instantly.

No one likes the guy that buys Deagle on the first pistol round so dont be that guy,it is not recommended due to the fact you can easily get 1 shot killed to the head by any pistol in medium range and the fact that you could spend that money on grenades or armor.