01 Jan SSG 08 TIPS

Simple guide for the CS GO SSG 08



Well to start with the SSG is definitely  worth its money 1700$ due to the fact its an excellent weapon if you are low on cash and its a one hit to the head weapon. The ssg is a very mobile weapon , unlike the awp or the auto sniper when you zoom you’r movement speed is not reduced and you can easily just annoy enemies on long range.



The SSG is also a fairly quiet weapon when shooting, another thing about the SSG is that its fairly accurate even when unscoped, you can also perform jumpshots while standing , this can be very useful for being unpredictable.




The ssg can be very effective if the other team is on an eco round, the reason for this is the enemy might be unarmored and if they are if they are shot to the stomach it will kill them instantly,  if you hit them somewhere else they will remain in very low hp so you should always carry you’r favorite side pistol so you can finish them more easily with one shot from a pistol in some cases.



One good thing about the SSG is you can do jump shots, meaning you can be accurate even if you jump, this can be very useful if your fighting an awp from long range the reason is that u can be unpredictable and just pop off unexpectedly.