Glock VS USP and P2000

26 Dec Glock VS USP and P2000

The glock, is it worse or better then the p2000 or usp?



Should you replace the Glock with a more stronger pistol on the first round or should you keep it?



We all know the importance of getting the first pistol round and if you are on the terrorist side you might want to.keep the glock, we usually see people change their pistol on the pistol round , either they buy p250 or tech 9 which can be good and bad at same time, because with all that money spent on the gun you could have spent it on grenades and armor.




Now the glock is a pretty good on the first round, due to its high rate of fire and its large ammo capacity capable to feed an entire african village,though you might want to go for headshots in general.

The glock also has the burst fire mode which is super effective if you are fighting on corners where you can just pop off from nowhere and start bursting shots and then quickly take cover, another thing when using the burst fire mode is you always must aim for the chest or head, in orded to land a headshot, glocks at short range can take down an unarmored enemy with one shot to the head.


Do not use the burst fire mode on long range , its uneffective and stupid, the glock in general sucks at long range its not as accurate as its counter parts and it also is very bad if you are aiming for body shots and the enemy is full hp and has armor you will deal very low damage, in long range try to go for headshots always.
The glock in later round is not an ideal weapon due to its low damage but it can be useful finishing low hp enemies.