Galil CS GO

13 Jan Galil CS GO

Galil a good rifle choice?


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Well, firstly it definitely is, the price is 2000$ (cheapest rifle on game), its the perfect weapon for that after pistol round, or when you are short in cash, the reason for this is it has a high rate of fire which makes it perfect for short quarter sprays and compared to the AK-47 or other rifles it has a pretty controllable recoil.



When should you buy the Galil?

stats, galil, cs go, tips, global offensive

Usually should be bought when you are short on money and want to have full gear (armor&grenades). It can be very practical fighting enemies with rifles due to its high mobility you can strafe to avoid damage, also when you are engaging enemies long range try not to spray and run, instead controlled taps or bursts is recommended, you can even counter smg’s on short quarters due to galils high rate of fire and big magazine (35).


What are the downsides of the Galil?

One of the main flaws of this weapon is its not a 1 headshot kill weapon, if the enemy has full hp and head armor he will survive on low hp. Ty not to engage snipers on long range, the spread of this weapon is not suitable vs snipers.