Is the AWP overpowered in CS GO?



Basic AWP info

The AWP is one of the most popular and loved/hated weapons on CS GO and the reason for this is that its a high risk high reward weapon, meaning its a very expensive weapon (4750$) and it is a one shot one kill weapon except for the legs (87 damage) and for this particular reason you should always try be ready to finish off your enemy with you’r pistol, its recommended that you carry a better pistol then you’r default (the default pistols have a low armor penetration power, and if the enemy is full hp you will b overpowered easily, if you are short on cash the p250 is always a good idea).



awp 2


The reason for this is the awp has a very low rate of fire and its very inaccurate when fired unscoped) and you can easily be out performed by an smg or a rifle at close quarters, that’s why it is advised that you carry a tech nine or five seven, the reason for this is these guns have a high rate of fire so in general you have a higher chance of countering a short range attack.



You should always take full advantage of the AWP’s wall bang power, mostly it deals pretty decent damage and sometimes landing a killing blow if its on the head.